Exterior Home Repair Services

As Sacramento’s go-to for exterior renovations, we understand that the longevity and curb appeal of your home are paramount. From rooftop to foundation, we offer a suite of repair services designed to maintain and enhance the structural integrity and aesthetics of your property.

Roofing and Gutter Repairs

Your roof and gutters are your first line of defense against the elements. Timely repairs can prevent minor issues from escalating into costly damage. We can replace damaged shingles, repair leaks, and ensure gutters are free of debris for proper water diversion.

  • Shingle replacement for damaged or missing sections
  • Flashing repair to seal and protect roof joints
  • Leak detection and repair to protect your home interior

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Siding Repair and Replacement

Siding not only shields your home but also adds to its visual appeal. Whether it’s weather-related wear or unforeseen incidents, we can expertly match and replace siding panels, ensuring your home looks seamless and is well-protected.

Window Replacement

Older windows can contribute to energy loss and reduced comfort in your home. Replacing outdated windows with new, energy-efficient models can greatly reduce your heating and cooling bills. Our window replacement services include a variety of styles that are both functional and visually appealing, ensuring a perfect fit for your home’s design.

Dry Rot Repair

We are dry rot specialists, adept at handling this issue swiftly to prevent any compromise to your home’s structural integrity. Our team works diligently to find all the affected wood, remove it, and replace it with high-quality materials that restore and enhance the appearance of your house, making it look as good as new.

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Foundation and Structural Repairs

The foundation of your home is essential for stability and safety. Our specialists adeptly handle cracks and uneven settling, providing solutions that address the root cause of the problem to safeguard your home’s structural integrity.

Deck Repair and Replacement

A damaged deck is not only unsightly but can also be dangerous. Whether boards are warped, cracked, or loose, our experts assess the damage and provide repair services to ensure safety and longevity. If repairs are not sufficient, we offer full deck replacement using high-quality materials designed to withstand Sacramento’s climate.

Balcony Repair and Replacement

Balconies endure constant exposure to the weather, which can lead to deterioration over time. We specialize in fixing structural issues, waterproofing, and cosmetic damages, restoring your balcony to its original strength and appearance. In cases of severe damage, our team can construct a replacement that complements your home’s aesthetic and meets all safety standards.

Sliding Door Replacement

Sliding doors offer convenience and natural light but can be prone to wear and tear. When your sliding doors no longer function smoothly or show signs of damage, it’s time to consider a replacement. We provide a range of high-quality sliding doors that improve energy efficiency, enhance security, and elevate the look of your home.

Window and Door Services

Efficient windows and doors are crucial for energy conservation and security. Our services include repairing frames, sealing gaps, and replacing units that are beyond repair with modern, energy-efficient options that complement your home’s exterior.

Deck and Patio Restoration

Your outdoor living spaces deserve attention too. We revitalize weathered decks and patios, repairing or replacing damaged boards, applying protective coatings, and ensuring that your space is both safe and inviting for you and your guests.